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Cutting Edge

Choosing your material for your space is only one step to the process. There are also the fine details to consider which includes your edge profiles. So, what does that refer to exactly? Edge profiles refer to the cut of the corners of surface areas. Why this may seem like a finite detail, it can have a drastic impact upon the overall look of your countertops.

For instance, if you're looking for a very modern, sleek approach, a simple flat polish edge profile is ideal. However, if you prefer a more traditional style with character, opt for a bevel edge as your choice.

Take a moment to explore some of our style options below.

Our Selection

bevel edgeflat polish

bevel vs. flat

The two most standard edge profile varieties include the flat polish and the bevel edge. As seen in the photos above, the differ in their appearance significantly. The classic flat polish edge is a basic cut corner that is ideal for those seeking a bold, modern look. The bevel cut adds a bit of character by creating a slight curvature in the corner that can be varied according to preference.

half bullnose edge

full vs. half

Similar to the bevel cut, the bullnose edge profile refers to a cut that is rounded in varying degrees. A full bullnose cut creates a perfectly rounded edge that is seamless. In contrast, a half bullnose is rounded and tapers off into straight lines for a more subtle effect.


Chiseled and ogee edges add a great effect to counter tops that many home owners admire. True to their name, chiseled edges leave a raw, natural shape similar to it's organic, untouched state. The result is a striking rustic appeal great for those wishing to add a touch of unique character. Ogee edges are a bit more refined. Similar in stature to bevel edges, the ogee style refers to a mix between bevel and bullnose style types that create a smooth, gradual slope.


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